Once again, we did not miss the opportunity to be at the Top Marques Supercar Show in Monaco (this year’s edition was held from the 20th to the 23rd of April). This time we left a rainy Dresden behind and, passing through the Brenner Motorway, we drove straight to Monaco with just one stop for the night. We arrived a couple of days before the beginning of the event, as we had planned to meet with the many car spotters who wanted to have a closer look at both of our special vehicles.

Our Ferrari had a classic Martini design and our tuned-up Maserati was dressed up in an elegant and discreet grey. The Ferrari had to be transported on a trailer again, but we could enjoy driving the Maserati all the way to Monaco.

Our schedule was extremely tight when we arrived and our team always on the move. We had the pleasure of making many new contacts and getting to know even more car spotters, who enthusiastically took loads of pictures and videos. Once again, the location for our photoshoot featured the marvellous vista of the Monaco surroundings, as well as some areas of the most famous Grand-Prix circuit and the harbour, with the unmistakable Monaco skyline.

As usual, a great event with great cars and great people!