On the 11th February 2016 we had a photo-shooting for our new R³ – H3. Therefore Dirk M. and Tim S. shared their cars with us. Dirk is driving a VW Scirocco and Tim is driving a Audi A3 Limousine. The shooting took place at the scrapyard in Dresden.

Our media team was already there before the shooting, to take a look at the place and figure out the best spots for taking photos. By the time Dirk and Tim arrived there with clean and shiny cars, we changed their wheels to our brand new R³ – H3 wheels. We changed between the colourways hyper-silver and anthracite-polished. We gave them our 20 inch wheels. We had a few little problems with the VW Scirocco, but we handled them quickly. Futhermore we put some cool R³ stickers on the cars.

The wheels looked awesome on the cars. The photos we made looked great too. The scrapyard established itself as a amazing location. Take a look for yourself!

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